Monday, October 6, 2008

It's a boy!

I know you were on the edge of your seat thinking, I'm so happy there is a new male calf among the Faith Farm Herd! We love our new additions. Our little calf, who has yet to receive a name didn't take to his mama so requires bottle feeding by hand. Not an easy task. The milk temperature has to be just right and at specific times of the day to ensure that he's receiving the appropriate nutrients for growth. Milk does a body good!
Tristan and Paul head out to the overhang where the calf has been spending part of its days and have some male bonding time feeding our newest arrival. The bottle itself is bigger than Tristan's head, but boy does he get a kick out of being part of this. He uses all of his strength to lift the bottle to the calf's mouth and say, "time to eat baby cow" with a big grin across his face. 
The calf is taking well to the bottle feeding and the weather has been perfect for its adjustment to its new surroundings. 
**There were some technical difficulties down loading a clip of our little calf. As soon as we get all the glitches out, we'll have it up & running** Thanks! 

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