Monday, May 21, 2012

When we say free range, we're not joking around

Last week when Erin was in town Paul coerced our thirty four year old (with the bribe of free kefir and eggs) in exchange for helping move our laying hens to a new pasture. Being a Jersey girl, Tristan had to show his 'E' the ways of farming and that gathering the chickens to their coop isn't as easy as it looks. 

In order to make the transition from one pasture to another work all the chickens have to be moved in unison before they reach their new stomping grounds. They aren't the most adaptable to change because it typically takes a few days for them to beginning laying eggs again. Sometimes we think they resent the move and are holding out on us. But when you want farm fresh eggs you do what you have to do : )

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ricotta....gone wild!

Fresh guernsey milk and a little time & patience and you have yourself a fresh batch of AMAZING farm fresh ricotta. This is only being written because my daughter is here. She is making me do this. I'm not kidding. You're laughing. It's true. 

But with positive peer presuure good things CAN happen and hopefully, we can begin the process of letting you into our daily world here at Faith Farm. Yes, this was said appx. four years ago...nobody's perfect. 

A few more pics will come your way before Erin heads back to Jersey. 

There is art, beauty and color here on Faith Farm. As their daughter....I can tell you a picture cannot truly capture this place. It's awesome. And I am proud of what they have accomplished. I promise pictures await...after I leave, that's another story.... : )