Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall is in the air

It's hard to believe that only a few short weeks ago the grass was brown, the sun was hot and the days seemed to last just a little bit longer. We have a few beautiful fruit trees this year & as summer came to a close so did the abundance of apples & pears. We learned very quickly how much our cows loved fruit. They managed to figure out how to shake the tree and then go to town on a buffet of apples and pears. That didn't last long as Paul hopped on the tractor & Erin, Jess & Tristan became quickly skilled in fruit picking. We're a family of many trades! 
But we're excited to have a few batches of apple and pear butter coming your way soon! Erin & Tristan picked the very last apple on our tree just last weekend. We all took a big bite as a way of savoring the season's end. It was a wonderful summer!  
As fall slowly creeps forward there is still plenty of work to be had on the farm. Tristan had a blast celebrating his 3rd Birthday (there is a shot with him, pop & his GG below), but was soon back to work collecting eggs and keeping an eye on Jess & Paul as they transported a few heads of cattle from one field to another. Always keeping busy, but we are grateful for the rain and the cool days we've had recently. 

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