Monday, October 13, 2008

Pamplona at Faith Farm

With our many new additions to our herd there is a greater demand for grass. Obviously, more cows = more grass. So with that comes the tedious task of rotating pastures. Leave it to Paul and Jess to do the herding & Erin and Tristan to provide video footage with a few memorable commentaries. I have to say in all our years of Jersey, North Carolina & now Virginia... farm life is truly the most unpredictable. From herding cattle, chasing renegade piglets and keeping up with the eggs our chickens turn out .... it is never a dull moment. And maybe that's why we love it so much! 
The weather couldn't be more perfect. In the mornings we try to start the day off having a cup of tea and oatmeal on the porch. As the cool of fall transitions in, there are still traces of summer lingering around. We have humming bird feeders on both sides of the porch. There is nothing like tea, oatmeal and the flickering of wings from our neighborly humming birds. They are amazing to watch in action. So, another day and savoring of the beautiful weather and the blessings we have before us. 


Gadfly said...

Everything you describe about your life on the farm is reflected in your wonderful, delicious, food (I buy it usually at the Bryan Park market, sometimes at the downtown market in Lynchburg when I am visiting my Mom). I am grateful for what you do, and thankful to the God who makes it all possible. Blessings to you all! Joy

Gadfly said...

Great video, too! Pamploma, ha ha!