Sunday, October 26, 2008

Field Trip

On Wednesday morning a group of students from Randolph College located in Lynchburg made a special trip to Faith Farm. One of the objectives of their visit was to gain perspective into the process of how to integrate locally grown produce into their campus cafeteria and food vendors. Those in attendance realized the value of eating foods from local farms that provide foods that are pesticide and hormone free. Their task was in how to make this a reality on their own campus. They are in the initial stages of having this transition from talk to a reality of plates on campus being filled with fresh, locally grown and raised fruits, vegetables and meats. What an awesome concept and how it would revolutionize our campuses if this became implemented on a national level! 

We're always excited when others have the same vision in supporting local farmers as well as valuing organic, farm fresh produce and meats. It was a wonderful experience hosting these young people who will be returning to their campus and will hopefully pass on this knowledge to friends and family. Always remember, knowledge is power! Have a great week. 

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