Monday, August 29, 2011

Get all your ducks in a row...

Meet the lineup of pet ducks here on the farm.

Pie Samples at Byrd Market!

Don't miss out on free samples of pie tomorrow at Byrd Market. I have been in the kitchen mastering a pie crust. Come taste for yourself! I will be taking orders for whole pies in advance and selling slices at market beginning next week.

We had a gorgeous morning here in Green Bay. I found Flossie and Betsey enjoying some tall grass before taking them up to the barn for their morning milking.

The pumps on Flossie's utters

Delicious raw milk running through these tubes!

The other cows were lounging in the shade...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Storm Troubles

Whew, Nutbush Ave has water and power running again! Last night was an adventure with generators, lamps, and flashlights but all is well here now. With new puddles to waddle in the ducks are happy campers. The cows are enjoying the yummy wet grass too. Between the milking cows, horses, and piglets all the pears and apples shaken off by the storm winds are gobbled up.

Check out the photos taken today during pig feeding! When the sows and piglets hear the four wheeler round the corner they come a runnin' for lunch time!

Paul riding around wearing the shirt his daughters gave him. Old Guys Rule!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cow Photoshoot!

Meet the milking gals Flossie (black and white Holstein) and Betsey (brown Jersey). They bring you delicious raw milk every week. Ask about joining the herd share program or meet us at the booth for a free sample of raw milk.

Look who found the kiddie pool... Ah, refreshing!

Freshly Picked...

And heading your way, Richmond! Meet us at South of the James Market tomorrow for juicy apples and pears! We had to pick everything before the storm blows all the fruit away!

The two blind rescure horses were waiting below to catch some fallen treats

Growing Chicks

Beautiful, Natural, Colorful Eggs

Muddy Pig Paradise