Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tis the Season for piglets.

The end of summer has brought with it a full house of piglets of all sizes.

This MaMa hog always keeps her distance from me but isn't afraid to stare as I go by doing my farm stuff. She roams everywhere we don't want her to go but always comes back to the group.

This little guy has been munching on acorns, roots, grass, weeds and other pasture goodies.

We built three huts for the piglets which we place feed in to get up piglets as we need to check them or work on the males or sell piglets to on farm customers.

These pigs are grazing alongside our cattle who are in the next paddock. We're trying to build 25+ grazing paddocks on our 55 acres of grass.

This winter and early spring we will have 25+ acres of rye grass, clover, fescue and orchard grass to feed our livestock which we planted two weeks ago.
Faith Farm will be a forage paradise by this time next year.