Thursday, June 10, 2010

Intensive grazing in action.

Spring is an active time of fast growth grass perfect for intensive grazing. Our 80+ head of cattle are moved to fresh grass for short stays then moved to another paddock of new grass. We rotate our cows over our 55+ acres of grass to dump tons of manure fertilizer free of charge. The fast movement then rest given to each paddock is critical to promoting new healthy growth. During the winter months we placed hay rolls only 50 feet apart in rows and steped down the entire length of the fields with daily round bales. This develops a liter base mixed with manure all stomped into the soil and exposing the soil to the sun which encourages explosive growth in spring.
The result is lush healthy broard leaf grass, clover and a sod bed loaded with worms, dung beatles and benificial micro

Tea time on the porch with my honey.

Brenda and I cherish each morning on our porch drinking tea, having breakfast and taking in the life and beauty of early morning Faith Farm.

A red/blue neck Humming bird sips from a feeder then buzzes our heads as we watch in amazement this action for most of our stay.

These are the pretty feet you seldom see in this position. They are usually on the go. A most deserved rest.

The porch view is breathtaking @ times.