Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We found 30 new born piglets
wandering out of the woods this 
morning following their Mama's
to the feed bunk. They are a mix
of Tamworth/Duroc, Hampshire/
Duroc and straight Duroc pigs.
We let them nest in the woods 
with their Mama's for a hardier animal. They are bred for this
type of environment which allows for less grain supplement
and encourages wood lot foraging on acorns, roots and other
yummy natural stuff. The result is in the taste of the meat
and nutrient value.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seneca Drug Squad

This weekend we opened our farm and home to 21 junior and high school students from Tabernacle, NJ. Random? Not really. Our daughter, Erin, is an addiction's counselor at the high school located in South Jersey. One of her roles is running a prevention program. Drug Squad, the only one in the nation, is designed to challenge students in how they are living their own lives, if they're making an impact within both school and community and conveying these powerful messages about substance free living to their peers. They are, in a matter of words, role models to the other 1,400 students that walk the halls of their high school each  day. 

These 21 kids spent 7 weeks training on social issues and substance abuse trends pertaining specifically to their school and community.  From there they participate in an annual retreat and this year they headed to Faith Farm. On 95 acres they were allowed to sort of hit the pause button in their own lives and just be kids and learn about themselves and their peers. One of the issues addressed was methods of communication. Erin was able to use communication via shifting the chickens roaming grounds. Twenty one kids working together with mind and physical strength to not only lend a hand, but gain a sense of accomplishment and realize there is power in numbers when communication is effective. 

It was really awesome seeing these young people discussing how they personally felt compelled to make an impact within their school and take on the responsibility of being held accountable for their own actions and the manner in which they live their own life. So often we hear of the negatives associated with teens, but this weekend totally blew those stereotypes out of the water. What a wonderful experience that these kids had and will now take the lessons learned here back home to their own community. Life is short, but if lived with open arms and heart it can be a beautiful journey. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Turkey's for Thanksgiving.

Almost time to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey.
These birds are beautiful & ready to go. We have about
30 now @ the right weight with another 7 or so by
Christmas, so if you miss out now you may still get one
next month. This is the turkey most like those the 
Pilgrims ate for the first Thanksgiving. They are a
rare breed, take 7 months to grow to finish and famous
for their great flavor.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

To everything there is a season...

Brenda, Paul and Julie,serving our customers 
@ the South of the James Farmers Market in 
Forest Hill Park yesterday.  
 The weather was beautiful . 
Thank you , Julie and Tina (our customer volunteers) for your help and all our customers for  your support.
Remember we will be delivering all winter long to South of The James on Saturday and Byrd House Market on Tuesdays.
                                                     Ask Brenda or Jess for details......

Talk about being right in the action. Yesterday another calf was born bringing us to 41 calves born this year. Wow! Paul, Tristan and Erin hopped on the tractor and made their way to one of our back fields where a cow was in the final stages of labor. The mama was a little leary of our presence, but after a few minutes of silence she seemed as much at ease with things as she could, considering the circumstances. Erin was able to get up pretty close and capture the birth of the calf as well as the moments after where the herd gathers around to help clean the calf and gain its smell. The tiny calf was surrounded by not only its herd, but a half a dozen curious piglets and chipper chickens.  It was a pretty impressive welcoming committee. 

With our herd beginning to burst at the seams it keeps us plenty busy. But let us not forget about the other few hundred animals that walk the pastures of Faith Farm. The past few days have been truly gorgeous and it seems our animals, big and small, are soaking in the warm sun and pleasant breeze as long as they are able. Good stuff. 

Monday, November 3, 2008

With Jess & Tristan up in Jersey visiting Erin in New Jersey the farm is a little quieter, but we definitely miss our little farmer in training.  We added a few pictures of him as 'Super Farmer' for Halloween. His John Deere cape, mask & overalls were the talk of the town as he joined over 400 kids at Seneca High School (where Erin works) for an evening of safe trick or  
treating. He definitely won't be forgetting that experience any time soon. 

Jess, Erin & Tristan have been enjoying spending time together. From Halloween, to taking in a high school football game, eating pizza constantly (its a Jersey thing) and playing the guitar to Tristan's 'oh baby cow..." it has been anything but boring. They will be returning to life on the farm Thursday morning. Tristan keeps asking about his baby cow, how his Pop is doing and making constant farm animal sounds in the grocery store and out on the playground. That boy is farmer through and through!