Monday, November 22, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tis the Season for piglets.

The end of summer has brought with it a full house of piglets of all sizes.

This MaMa hog always keeps her distance from me but isn't afraid to stare as I go by doing my farm stuff. She roams everywhere we don't want her to go but always comes back to the group.

This little guy has been munching on acorns, roots, grass, weeds and other pasture goodies.

We built three huts for the piglets which we place feed in to get up piglets as we need to check them or work on the males or sell piglets to on farm customers.

These pigs are grazing alongside our cattle who are in the next paddock. We're trying to build 25+ grazing paddocks on our 55 acres of grass.

This winter and early spring we will have 25+ acres of rye grass, clover, fescue and orchard grass to feed our livestock which we planted two weeks ago.
Faith Farm will be a forage paradise by this time next year.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pray for rain.

I pray for the end of this season of draught we have been in LORD.
May we all receive your blessing of water from heaven to nurish your
land and people. Amen

The summer has been harsh for all of us this year. We here
@ Green Bay have not had any serious rain for a month.
Our fields which normally this time of season are lush green.
Today the cattle struggle to find fresh healthy grass.

The herd is moving from the shade of the wood lot to our final
grass paddock through a tricky path of electric rope, ribbon and
pigtail posts. As always the baby calf's stay far behind.

Our bull is last to follow the herd to our last 5 acre paddock of surviving grass. He is a beauty of a bull holding
his weight considering the circumstances.

Praise the LORD! I started to write this blog when the rain began to fall. Please let it be a good soaker.
May all who are in need of rain be blessed with a wonderful soaking rain.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Intensive grazing in action.

Spring is an active time of fast growth grass perfect for intensive grazing. Our 80+ head of cattle are moved to fresh grass for short stays then moved to another paddock of new grass. We rotate our cows over our 55+ acres of grass to dump tons of manure fertilizer free of charge. The fast movement then rest given to each paddock is critical to promoting new healthy growth. During the winter months we placed hay rolls only 50 feet apart in rows and steped down the entire length of the fields with daily round bales. This develops a liter base mixed with manure all stomped into the soil and exposing the soil to the sun which encourages explosive growth in spring.
The result is lush healthy broard leaf grass, clover and a sod bed loaded with worms, dung beatles and benificial micro

Tea time on the porch with my honey.

Brenda and I cherish each morning on our porch drinking tea, having breakfast and taking in the life and beauty of early morning Faith Farm.

A red/blue neck Humming bird sips from a feeder then buzzes our heads as we watch in amazement this action for most of our stay.

These are the pretty feet you seldom see in this position. They are usually on the go. A most deserved rest.

The porch view is breathtaking @ times.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Tristan salutes on behalf of Faith Farm those who have
given their lives for our freedom to live in these
great United States of America.
We salute the families who have made the ultimate
sacrafice. The loss of their loved one in time of war and peace.
We salute all disabled, injured and all veterans of our military,
National Guard, Coast Guard, law enforcement who have served
and still serve to protect us and our flag. May God bless America.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring time @ Faith Farm 2010 bursts with life and activity.

Spring brings out busy bees from our 20 hives producing
your farm fresh local honey.

Snow our guard dog hiding in his dog house, stands guard over our
flock of broiler chickens keeping Mr Fox away.

We move our broiler chickens daily up the length of each
hoop house to clean grass. A strip of manure is left behind
which fertilizes the field for free. Sunshine, green healthy grass
equals delicious healthy chickens. The hoop house and guard dog
prevents predators from killing our birds.

Our laying hens forage in the grass & sunshine which
is the secret to producing healthy tasty eggs. The
egg mobile is moved every few days which helps
spread chicken manure over the fields.
The scratching of the chickens works the soil opening
bare ground to fertilizer and sunshine. Great stuff
for healthy grass.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We are Faith Farm.

When folks arrive @ Faith Farm along Nutbush Road you first
see our Bible scripture sign. We share our faith in the
Lord Jesus Christ in Word, love, deed and healthy food.

We care for our animals their entire lives, our fields and customers
as God requires. Each animal is prayed over in thanksgiving, for a
blessing on the animal and for each customer to be blessed and
nurished as they partake.
We value the responsibility God has bestowed upon us as we
reveal the testamony of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Winter at Faith Farm

What does one do for fun during
the severest winter in years on
Faith Farm? We play in the snow
silly, what else.
We feed hay to the cattle.

We feed hay to the hogs.

Feed the piglets in the Piglet Hotel.

The endess snow days and afterward
mud holes made a mess of the fields.
We will see a marvelous change in
spring as new growth comes alive,
turning mud into lush green grass.