Sunday, January 25, 2009

The few, the strong... the farmer

As January is beginning to fade into February it's hard to believe 2009 is in full swing. You turn on the television, radio and even in daily discussion the theme of economy and the road ahead has many in a flurry. Businesses are going bust and stability seems to have faded somewhere along the line. But the reality is, we are a resilient country and shall persevere as we have in times past; it's just going to take a little time. 
We've walked many paths in our lives and I have to say farming has not only been educational, but insightful in more ways than we could have ever imagined. We believe strongly in our work and take pride in tending to the many small details that go into making our final product possible. It takes time, patience and a whole lot of faith.
In our hearts we want to be able to serve our customers for years to come. But what we've realized more than ever these past few weeks, is that we need you in order for that to be a reality. Sometimes convenience or weather can take precedent over doing what we're accustomed. But we're going full steam ahead and hope that you too will join us. Have a blessed week.  

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chill in the air

The recent tumbling of temps has made tending to the farm all the more interesting. With frozen ground and blistering cold you have to get creative in keeping warm while tending to the animals. Stock in Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate may rise due to residents of Faith Farm as well as thermals being  out in full swing. Our hope is within the week or two that there is a break in the cold and the digits rise, even if only slightly. 

There is nothing we can do to prevent the cold, but one of the most important things is to be able to have fun and enjoy the daily grind no matter what the circumstance. Paul tends to the pigs and Tristan will quickly yell, "push me Pop, push me." The pigs will just have to wait an extra ten minutes for the food until Tristan and Pop have a few laughs on the tire swing. Keeping the priorities in check are important. 

Here's a pic of Jess & Chrissy out at the market a few weekends ago when the sun was out and the jackets were left in the car. What a day it was! Even in the cold and chill, we're at the market : ) We hope to see you there. Have a blessed week. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A view from the porch

Its funny how sometimes the ordinary can be so out of the ordinary for so many. Our daughter Erin brought that to our attention during her visit. As we walk the farm each day sometimes a little more reflective than others there is so much truly out of the norm. Paul pushing Tristan on the tire swing, feeding our cows their daily bales of hay with the tractor and scurrying turkeys and chickens that just seem to be everywhere. 
It's amazing how only a few years ago we sat on our porch watching the sun setting over the sound and now our view is of chickens, cows and the daily visiting humming birds. Pretty neat. In our life time we've had a number of different views from our front porch making life the farthest from predictable or boring. Right now, watching the view from the front porch isn't all that bad; and that's a good thing. 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lovely weekend

This weekend brought a very welcomed break from winters expected chill.  With the change in temperature it seemed to bring out a flood of customers and our fields were littered with grazing animals basking in the suns warmth. We've had many new piglets born over the past month and they scampered through the fields, rolling in hay and snuggling with their mamas. What a little change in temps can do : ) 

The weather made for an ideal market for both our Lynchburg & Richmond customers. Erin & Jess headed to the 17th st. Market & Brenda made her way to Lynchburg. There were vendors with crates of fresh vegetables, fruits and breads bringing great smells and brilliant colors. It was a pleasure to see so many faces out and anxious to stock up on their meats, honey & jams. The sun and warmth made the day even more enjoyable & Tristan even had a few playmates to hang out with. What more could you ask for?