Friday, December 30, 2011

Meet the girls.

Megan has black rings around her eyes and is due to calf in September.

             Peaches is due in May was named by Tristan and is the sweetest of all the cows in the herd.
                             Sunflower has white rings around her eyes and is due in March.
                                   Megan, Peaches and Flossie hanging out around a hay bale.

Flossie the Holstein above, Gertie the Guernsey to the left and Betsey the Jersey below are all due to calf the month of January.

Big Mama is the boss and the Queen as she suns herself.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas @ Faith Farm

 Christmas @ Faith Farm always consists of the official cutting of the Christmas tree with Erin, Jessie, Tristan and Gabe from the back part of the farm. A few red ribbons, tinsel, a string of  lights on a fresh cut cedar tree and a 5 gallon bucket for water puts it all together.


Erin's arrival completes our Christmas holiday with her cheerfulness, love for our family and her Hi octane energy playing with Tristan and Gabe. Starting early chopping down the Christmas tree, stacking the porch with firewood, building and painting the boys cardboard space shuttle. She is one special Auntie E to the boys as they follow her around from the time she arrives till the moment she rolls down the drive back to Jersey. This photo of her on top of the hay bale with outstretched arms makes you want to just hug her to pieces.

Gabriel almost always has a smile to brighten your day.

Tristan hugging his Mom, how precious. Thank you Lord for our children.

Merry Christmas from Faith Farm.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Trying to keep this blog up is not so easy. I'll just give you all an
update as to our goings on. The New Year will bring 3 baby calves
in January.  Flossie ,Betsy, Gertie  will be ready to calf in the next weeks.
Big Momma,Megan,Sunflower and Peaches are supplying your milk.
At the end of January we will be milking 7 cows!!!!Need to spread the word
and sell more Herd Shares.
We will be at Byrd Market every Tuesday 3:00-5:45, beginning Jan 5th Thursdays to be at
TriCycle Gardens 4:00-6:00, and Saturdays, looking into  the Great Big Green House .
We will not be participating in the winter market at Forest Hill.
Pauls job will to be to post pics of our Jerseys and Guernseys....Before the New Year?