Monday, November 3, 2008

With Jess & Tristan up in Jersey visiting Erin in New Jersey the farm is a little quieter, but we definitely miss our little farmer in training.  We added a few pictures of him as 'Super Farmer' for Halloween. His John Deere cape, mask & overalls were the talk of the town as he joined over 400 kids at Seneca High School (where Erin works) for an evening of safe trick or  
treating. He definitely won't be forgetting that experience any time soon. 

Jess, Erin & Tristan have been enjoying spending time together. From Halloween, to taking in a high school football game, eating pizza constantly (its a Jersey thing) and playing the guitar to Tristan's 'oh baby cow..." it has been anything but boring. They will be returning to life on the farm Thursday morning. Tristan keeps asking about his baby cow, how his Pop is doing and making constant farm animal sounds in the grocery store and out on the playground. That boy is farmer through and through! 

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