Sunday, January 11, 2009

A view from the porch

Its funny how sometimes the ordinary can be so out of the ordinary for so many. Our daughter Erin brought that to our attention during her visit. As we walk the farm each day sometimes a little more reflective than others there is so much truly out of the norm. Paul pushing Tristan on the tire swing, feeding our cows their daily bales of hay with the tractor and scurrying turkeys and chickens that just seem to be everywhere. 
It's amazing how only a few years ago we sat on our porch watching the sun setting over the sound and now our view is of chickens, cows and the daily visiting humming birds. Pretty neat. In our life time we've had a number of different views from our front porch making life the farthest from predictable or boring. Right now, watching the view from the front porch isn't all that bad; and that's a good thing. 

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