Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lovely weekend

This weekend brought a very welcomed break from winters expected chill.  With the change in temperature it seemed to bring out a flood of customers and our fields were littered with grazing animals basking in the suns warmth. We've had many new piglets born over the past month and they scampered through the fields, rolling in hay and snuggling with their mamas. What a little change in temps can do : ) 

The weather made for an ideal market for both our Lynchburg & Richmond customers. Erin & Jess headed to the 17th st. Market & Brenda made her way to Lynchburg. There were vendors with crates of fresh vegetables, fruits and breads bringing great smells and brilliant colors. It was a pleasure to see so many faces out and anxious to stock up on their meats, honey & jams. The sun and warmth made the day even more enjoyable & Tristan even had a few playmates to hang out with. What more could you ask for?

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