Sunday, November 9, 2008

To everything there is a season...

Brenda, Paul and Julie,serving our customers 
@ the South of the James Farmers Market in 
Forest Hill Park yesterday.  
 The weather was beautiful . 
Thank you , Julie and Tina (our customer volunteers) for your help and all our customers for  your support.
Remember we will be delivering all winter long to South of The James on Saturday and Byrd House Market on Tuesdays.
                                                     Ask Brenda or Jess for details......

Talk about being right in the action. Yesterday another calf was born bringing us to 41 calves born this year. Wow! Paul, Tristan and Erin hopped on the tractor and made their way to one of our back fields where a cow was in the final stages of labor. The mama was a little leary of our presence, but after a few minutes of silence she seemed as much at ease with things as she could, considering the circumstances. Erin was able to get up pretty close and capture the birth of the calf as well as the moments after where the herd gathers around to help clean the calf and gain its smell. The tiny calf was surrounded by not only its herd, but a half a dozen curious piglets and chipper chickens.  It was a pretty impressive welcoming committee. 

With our herd beginning to burst at the seams it keeps us plenty busy. But let us not forget about the other few hundred animals that walk the pastures of Faith Farm. The past few days have been truly gorgeous and it seems our animals, big and small, are soaking in the warm sun and pleasant breeze as long as they are able. Good stuff. 

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