Monday, September 22, 2008

Green Acres

The recent surge in rain has transformed our once crunchy fields into a blanket of brilliant shades of green. We have some seriously happy cows! Paul was assisted by Erin (our oldest daughter visiting from Jersey) and Tristan in his little four wheel drive jeep moving our 95 cows to the back fields. Our recent addition to the herd has a renegade streak hopping the fence and joining the chickens and having some large patches of grass all to himself. 
Tristan turns 3 tomorrow! It is wonderful watching our little guy grow up before our eyes and truly be a part of the Faith Farm experience. From helping his Pop on the tractor feeding the cows, sticking those tiny hands in to retrieve freshly laid eggs and doing little tasks at the market he's learning early what family is really about. A three year old who so often chides, "Pop, we're working" or "let's get eggs!" is quite an amazing thing. What a wonderful place for our little dude to grow up. 
Even with a touch of fall in the air, Saturday's market had a great turn out. It's  encouraging seeing so many in the community supporting their local farmers. 

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