Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hay Baling

Hi folks! The last few days have been busy at the farm. Finally, I sit down to build a post. I want to start with the haybaling fiasco. Paul cut two fields on Wednesday to start baling winter hay for our cows and pigs. He had hoped to bale before the rain came but the weather was ahead of him and the tractor threw a kink- FLAT TIRE mid afternoon on Thursday. The constant story of a farm: fixing, fixing, fixing! Literally minutes after we got the baler hitched to the tractor and headed down the drive way the rain fell. Fortunately not all is lost. Today Paul tethered the rows of piled grass (now soggy) and will let them dry for a day before baling.

STEP ONE: Chose a dry, sunny day to cut your fields.

STEP TWO: Rake the grass into rows for the bailer to collect.

STEP THREE: Normally this step would be the baling but due to wet weather we introduce the tether machine. With its crazy forks, it scatters the rows of grass back out to breath and dry.

Betsey was curious as to why this machine was throwing all the good hay around.

Road block! Holstein lounging the afternoon away.

Flossie was unfased by the tractor...

Tomorrow the grass will get raked a second time and baled in the afternoon. Meanwhile, we have to process chickens, get ready for the market, make pies, feed the animals, clean eggs, milk the cows, load the freezers, and the list never ends! Whew, we are going to be exhausted Tuesday evening...

So, don't forget we will have FRESH CHICKENS TUESDAY! They go fast so it's always a good idea to email us ahead of time and we'll hold one for you.

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