Sunday, February 8, 2009

A little sun and no jacket goes a long way

It's amazing what a little rise in temperatures can do for the spirits. Paul & I managed to take a brief break in the day's chores to just sit on the porch, bask in the sun's warmth and soak in that false sense of spring that we were quite content with. Strutting around without a jacket and the temptation to put on a pair of flip flops made everyone in the house and our animals a little lighter in spirit. The piglets were out in full force and our chickens seemed excited to not have any hint of frost on the grass. 

The past two days have been truly a blessing and although the temps are expected to dip down again, we'll take what we can get. Tristan had a blast not being fully bundled up and able to run around helping his Pop out on the farm. We are excited for our oldest daughter, Erin, to spend next weekend with us. It's always a joy to have a full house and just be together. Good stuff. 

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turkeyfether said...

Most definately appreciated the brief reprieve & spring like break in the cold weather. Quick got the horse barn cleaned out Sat AM while the manure still soft & manageable. GOOD THING!! Tonight I came time & ground covered over with snow again! Very cold & had to blow on my fingers to warm them up. Got the sheep & goats in their inside stalls in case the ewe delivers .Never know what night it will be. BUT it's like the surprise of Christmas Am, going out & finding the new baby lamb in the stall with her mommy & daddy.
Love reading your blog . I finally figured out how to post onto your site.Love youz guyz! Turkeyfether