Thursday, October 20, 2011

Turkey time.

 Thanksgiving is just around the corner and our beautiful Bourbon Red heritage turkey's are almost ready for your Thanksgiving feast.

Daniel, our neighbor Steve helped build a better turkey tractor for the birds to forage all day in the fields and roost @ night in safety. We first started with an old hay wagon.

            We framed out a few walls and extend 2 feet on each side for 
                                a 12 x 16 Turkey Tractor.

             The overhead 2x4 braces also serve as a perch and a diagonal 
                     roost will accommodate the low landers.

We're almost ready for the roof tarp for protection from the 
                              sun and inclement weather.
      The flock is foraging along the hog lot in and out of the woods.
                      Electric fencing does not phase the birds. 
                      Check out the horizental wire fence.
           They group together for safety but a few always strays off.

We do offer pork as an alternative or addition to your feast.

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