Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring time @ Faith Farm 2010 bursts with life and activity.

Spring brings out busy bees from our 20 hives producing
your farm fresh local honey.

Snow our guard dog hiding in his dog house, stands guard over our
flock of broiler chickens keeping Mr Fox away.

We move our broiler chickens daily up the length of each
hoop house to clean grass. A strip of manure is left behind
which fertilizes the field for free. Sunshine, green healthy grass
equals delicious healthy chickens. The hoop house and guard dog
prevents predators from killing our birds.

Our laying hens forage in the grass & sunshine which
is the secret to producing healthy tasty eggs. The
egg mobile is moved every few days which helps
spread chicken manure over the fields.
The scratching of the chickens works the soil opening
bare ground to fertilizer and sunshine. Great stuff
for healthy grass.

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