Saturday, November 21, 2009

We're still in recovery mode here on Faith Farm after hosting 26 kids and 5 adults from Seneca High School for 3 1/2 days last week. It's amazing how much energy 16 & 17 year olds have and how little sleep they need. Our oldest daughter, Erin, runs a peer prevention group at the high school she works at in New Jersey and each year she facilitates a retreat for those involved. This was our second year hosting this event.

The crux of her program is focused on being detached from the responsibilities and distractions of their every day lives and take time to examine how they are living their lives. It was impressive to watch first hand, these young people gain a sense of trust among one another and be willing to be challenged on many different levels. From group discussion, building chicken coops and the bonfire...everything had a purpose behind it.

The kids participating stayed in our house. Boys slept downstairs and girls were upstairs and in the mix was breakfast, lunch and dinner all family style. The kids spent hours playing with Tristan and Gabe along with helping out with some of the daily tasks on the farm. It was great to have so many willing and interested in helping with tasks that are routine to us, but very foreign to them.

Paul and I enjoy this opportunity to not only get a glimpse into the lives of these kids, get a first hand look at what Erin does, but also spend some great quality time together as a family. The weekend definitely puts a different spin on things, but even challenges us in how we are living.

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