Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gabriel, blessings and new seasons

With spring beginning to finally show signs of sticking around the pace on Faith Farm has also picked up. Trees are blossoming, animals are scurrying around and we have a new little farmer to the Faith Farm clan. 
Gabriel Paul DeLaura was born March 28th to Jess & Daniel at a healthy 9 lbs & 5 oz. He is home with mom and dad with big brother, Tristan, making sure he is around to give plenty of kisses and hugs when needed. He is truly a joy to our hearts and we are profoundly thankful for his health and transition from hospital to home. 
With the warmer weather and the pleasant sense of being able to finally get out of the house and enjoy the joys of spring has been wonderful. Tristan had a great time trying to track down a few pigs who sprung from their pens. We hope you enjoy this little clip. Have a great week! 


Anonymous said...

Faith Farm Folks - we love your pork! My wife and I get it at the Lynchburg Community Market. The flavor is so much better than grocery store pork. Thanks for doing what you do! And by the way, tell Regina thanks for the great service.

beth jasovsky said...

I'm so happy for you I can feel your joy

beth jasovsky said...
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