Monday, January 11, 2016

Saturday, February 22, 2014

a calf in the living room

I need to tell you of Paul's adventure this past week. I was in Florida for the last 9 days. 
My flight was bumped because of the snow and I was able to enjoy an extra two days in the sun.
So I get a phone call Wednesday morning informing me I have a calf in my living room. 
Paul went to the barn and saw that Sunflower had her calf, but there was no calf to be found.
The calf was found buried in mud with snow covering him. Paul picked him up cleaned him off and did what any good farmer would do...... brought him to warm up by the  fireplace.....
Now, we have had a baby lamb in our house for a few days days, but never a calf.
I'm picturing the finish on my wood floors shot, but my wonderful husband put tarps and old rugs down so no problem.
Paul bottle fed the calf with its mother's  milk for 2 days then brought him out to his
mother. The calf looked at Sunflower and looked at his mother and decided Paul
was more the motherly type. He followed Paul back to the house, and climbed up our front porch steps...
Hey, it was warm in the house and he got his milk from a bottle!!
My dear husband thought this was very cool, but alas Sunflower and her calf have been doing well....

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Winter is over Spring is here with new life.

Megan is licking her new bull calf this morning after milking.  We allow calfs to bond with Mama's  until we feel they are strong enough to be on their own.

Lilly is our newest Guernsey milk cow with her heifer calf while Megan's calf relaxes.

Betsey, Peaches and Lilly's calf chilling around the corral.

Pigglets roam the farm grazing on clover in this years broiler chicken field.

The bare spots are from the broiler chicken hoop house as we move them daily. 

Little fat pigglets picking through the fresh cut grass.